Excretion and residue depletion of cannabinoids in beef cattle fed hempseed cake for 111 days

“Assessment of human exposures to CBD/THC residues through the consumption of beef fat from animals fed hempseed cake suggests that the probability of consuming the equivalent of an acute reference dose (ARfD) is remote, even with the use of a conservative reference dose ARfD (1 μg kg−1 body weight) [60 micrograms consumed per day for a 60 kg person; 2,500 micrograms is the minimum psychoactive dose. “Hempseed cake” typically means the de-fatted presscake from oil pressing, ~40-50% protein but lower in fatty acids than the seed. THC would tend to accumulate in the oil, not so much the presscake. RR].”

Read more in 21 languages at: https://therichardrosereport.com/excretion-and-residue-depletion-of-cannabinoids-in-beef-cattle-fed-hempseed-cake-for-111-days/

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