Home Hempeh Kit

From Tempeh King Seth Tibbott (just add at least 2 or 3 ounces of shelled hempseed to make Hempeh):

“Tempeh Kits Available! Was reminded a week ago how great fresh tempeh tastes with this simple salad and tempeh meal with Emilia Leese. You can spread the fresh tempeh love by ordering a gift wrapped tempeh kit at https://www.tempehwest.com/make-tempeh . Just tell us where to send by December 20 and we will get it there by December 24. So simple, so good.”

While Seth started Tofurky, he also had a tempeh company much longer and made the Hempeh Burger for HempNut, Inc. That product is the only hemp food ever with a FDA-legal health claim, “helps reduce heart disease.” It was in thousands of stores.

Tempeh can be made with any seed, grain, or legume. It is a 2,000 year old traditional fermented food from Indonesia.