Nepra Foods Begins Initial Production of Textured Hemp Protein to Drive Consumer Products and Foodservice Sales

Nepra Foods Inc. (“Nepra”) (CSE:NPRA)(FRA:2P6.F)(OTCQB:NPRFF), the creator of nutritious plant-based and allergen-free food, is pleased to announce the initial production of its textured hemp protein (THP™) to drive Consumer and Food Service sales. THP™ is a foundational ingredient required to produce a variety of meat analogs, including plant-based alternatives to beef, chicken, and pork, and is used to create Nepra’s signature meatballs in its PROPASTA™ line of frozen meals. Nepra’s shelf-stable THP™ will be sold wholesale and shipped dry allowing food producers to create great tasting allergen-free plant-based meat items for their customers. 

We founded Nepra Foods with a vision to make healthy and sustainable foods available to a growing base of consumers who want allergen-free options that taste amazing,” said David Wood, Chief Executive Officer of Nepra Foods. “To our knowledge,  Nepra’s textured hemp protein is the first to market. Nepra’s proprietary formulations and manufacturing processes allow us to create a superior plant-based protein that is extremely neutral in taste and allergen-free making it an ideal alternative to textured proteins made entirely from soy and pea that make up most of the market today.

Leading plant-based meat products on the market today are mostly made from either soy or wheat protein, which are recognized as allergens, or pea protein, which has a strong flavor. Allergen-free hemp delivers a complete plant-based protein that is high in essential amino acids and has the proper ratio of omegas 3, 6, and 9. Industrial hemp is an earth-friendly crop that sequesters twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as trees and is naturally pest-resistant so it can be grown without harmful pesticides.1 

About Nepra Foods 

Nepra Foods is grounded in a passion for food. We believe eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult. Everybody deserves food options that are truly nutritious and taste good. Food should not contain allergens that might prevent everybody in the family from enjoying it together. People shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste in what they eat even if they are trying to cut down on carbs, don’t tolerate gluten or dairy very well, or don’t want to eat food produced from animals. Nepra Foods is on a mission to make healthy, enjoyable food for everybody. 

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