Nepra Foods Scales Private Label Product Development and Specialty Ingredients Consulting Practice

Nepra Foods Inc. (“Nepra”) (CSE:NPRA)(FSE:2P6F)(OTCQB:NPRFF), the creator of nutritious plant-based and allergen-free food, is pleased to announce the expansion of its private label product development and ingredients consulting practice. Nepra is building an external team of expert food product developers and formulators to scale its existing business. The demand for Nepra’s consulting services has doubled over the past 12 months making it a challenge to service its growing clientele with internal staff. Nepra’s core specialty ingredients business is driven largely by independent food manufacturers seeking to add new allergen-free products to their portfolios. By helping manufacturers formulate custom products using its proprietary specialty ingredients, Nepra can expand its ingredients ecosystem to drive additional recurring revenues. Examples of recent products formulated for independent food manufacturers include gluten-free pretzels, shelf-stable allergen-free bread, hemp-based cookies, and other nutritious products marketed toward health-conscious consumers. 

Formulation Consulting

We are continuously approached by food manufacturers seeking our help to formulate new allergen-free products. We’ve been able to grow our consulting practice into a thriving business primarily through word of mouth. With the addition of our external product development team, many of whom I have collaborated with in the past, we will be better positioned to support a much larger client base with our specialty ingredients,” said Chadwick White, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Nepra Foods. 

According to, more than half of consumers in the United States are eating more plant-based foods, and its popularity is expected to grow in 2022. Plant-based diets have increased 300% for Americans in the last 15 years, and global retail sales of plant-based food alternatives may reach $162 billion by 2030 — up from $29.4 billion in 2020. If so, the projected plant-based food market would make up 7.7% of the global protein market.Nepra’s existing expertise in alternative proteins and allergen-free plant-based ingredients, combined with a new external team of industry-leading formulators, positions it for continued success in a rapidly growing market. 

About Nepra Foods 
Nepra Foods is grounded in a passion for food. We believe eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult. Everybody deserves food options that are truly nutritious and taste good. Food should not contain allergens that might prevent everybody in the family from enjoying it together. People shouldn’t have to compromise quality and taste in what they eat even if they are trying to cut down on carbs, don’t tolerate gluten or dairy very well, or don’t want to eat food produced from animals. Nepra Foods is on a mission to make healthy, enjoyable food for everybody. 

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