Nuts of Fibrous Hemp Cannabis sativa L. – Concentrated Power of Nutrients


The fibrous hemp Cannabis sativa L. called also: industrial hemp and cannabis, is a plant widespread all over the world, grown mainly for its fiber, used for various purposes. Hemp fruits (also known as seeds or nuts) are mainly used to produce of oil for food, cosmetic and as bird feed. The nuts contain about 30–35% of oil with 80 to 90% of essential fatty acids (EFA), of which 55–56% is linoleic acid (LA) from the omega-6 group and 22–25% α-linolenic acid (ALA) from the omega-3 group, as well as amino acids, participating in the formation of albumin and globulin (edestin), vitamins, and minerals. The article describes in detail: the nutritional value of hemp nuts, the possibilities for the use of hemp nuts, discussion about the cannabinoid content of fibrous hemp nuts, and legislative issues concerning the cultivation of industrial hemp. The paper reviews the literature on the most important nutritional properties of the seeds and products made from the processing of hemp seeds, making it a very versatile raw material used among others in the food industry.

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