I charge $500/hour, with a 2 hour minimum (except for start-ups, as below). Expensive? Not compared to getting the wrong advice from cheaper consultants; you only get one chance to get it right the first time. Many have made or saved millions of dollars from my words, you can too.

Richard Rose

Now 65, I’ve been doing business almost 50 years, food professionally for 42 and hemp for 28. I have pioneered new industries in vegan food and hemp food, and won many awards for it. I’ve taught, mentored, and inspired many who went on to make millions on my words.

Since 2002 I’ve been trying to stay retired, after selling Rella Good Cheese Co. But I picked an inopportune time to do so, just as interest in hemp is exploding; the very thing I’ve been working on since 1994 and spent $2.5 million to popularize.

I’m old, tired, have seen the world, been there done that, don’t need your money, and am a caregiver. I won’t travel, I won’t manage projects, and I won’t do grunt work.

Therefore your highest and best use of me is to do the thing that either saves you a ton of money, or makes you a ton of money. I literally guarantee that if I take you on as a client and you take my advice, one or both of those will happen or I’ll tear up my invoice.

Use me to review The 3Ps: the product, the people, and the plan. If there’s a fatal flaw I’ll tell you what and why before you sink money into it. If it’s already been done, I’ll tell you so. If it’s a brilliant idea you’ll know it, but if a dumb one I’ll save you the waste of time, reputation, and money. Spend a little on the front end and save big later.

I only accept <5% of new clients who ask, because I’m not convinced I can or want to have impact for everyone, all the time. Sometimes I don’t believe in the project (do we really need yet another CO2-extracted Hemp CBD project?), or there are too many informational, cultural or organization obstacles I don’t want to deal with, or they want me to travel, or the like.

I can also tap my Rolodex for others which may be synergistic to your project, either people or technologies. I know people with great ideas needing funding, except most new investors aren’t able to appreciate it as it’s such a paradigm shift. Or they follow the smooth-talkers because, well, smooth talk beats chemistry nerd tech talk any day.

Have a promising young entrepreneur who needs advice from a seasoned pro in her/his field? Send him/her to me. Are novices doing your product development? I can help.

Also, if you want to know what will be the first Billion-dollar Cannabinoid and why (it’s not what you think), or which country will own the CBD market in 5 years and why, or what is likely in 2, 5, 10 years down the road, ask me. I can give you the edge on the latest emerging tech, or save you a waste of time and money going down a dead-end road.

If your job or investment demands the best advice possible, consider adding me to your list. Relative to the stakes, it’s not expensive. Spend a little more at the beginning so it doesn’t cost you big down the road. Consult the hemp consultant your hemp consultant consults. It’s not just clever marketing, it’s true.

Project Review Service
Since you only have one chance to pitch any particular investor, why not make the pitch as good as you can? I will review your project and make suggestions for improvement. Click here for more.

Mentoring and Executive Coaching
My protégés have made millions from my advice since 1980. A little guidance can get you over the hump and off the ledge. Have a young CEO needing to learn what they don’t teach in B-school? Send him/her to me.

Due Diligence
Thinking of investing in or buying a company? Get my feedback on the company or technology first.

Strategic Direction
I’ve pioneered many new business models, and can show you how too. Don’t follow the herd, innovate for increased value. If all your consultant or association can do is quote DEA or FDA, you got the wrong one. Anyone can parrot spokespeople paid to lie, but the Art is in the workaround. How to get it done, not why not to get it done.

Marketing Strategy
Want to break free from the usual tired marketing plans? Let’s brainstorm innovative new ones. I have two degrees in marketing and many awards. Is what is proposed feasible? Is it advantageous? Is there a market for it? How can we use guerrilla marketing to accomplish more with less?

Product Development
Take advantage of my four decades of award-winning product development experience, 150 products. Foods, food ingredients, technology, medicinal products, and non-tobacco tobacco replacements.

Process Development
Not sure how to process an unusual material? I have tricks for converting seed, flowers, and trichomes into new products.

Technical Review
Need a sharp informed eye to review important documents, sales tools, or pitches? I’m not a lawyer, but I know my stuff.

Start-up Consult, $50/hour
Are you an early-stage start-up, or thinking of being one? I can provide valuable feedback on your concept, strategy, and pitch. And I offer a special deal just for you, because I’ve been there too.

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